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The core conviction of members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) is that the divine Light or Spirit is present in every person; all are linked to the Ultimate, to God. Members of the Ojai Worship Group of Friends gather every Sunday morning to sit in silence, seeking to open their hearts and minds to the Light and Spirit, to find guidance, inner peace, and healing as needed. Occasionally someone will feel led by the Spirit to speak briefly.

Quakers also seek the Light in others. This means working to bring about justice, peace, and community where there is strife, exploitation, cruelty, and hostility, as the individual or a group of like-minded individuals feel led.

Please read our letter against racism for our stance on the troubling issues of racism and systemic abuse, especially by the police, that our country is facing.

Meeting for Worship is at the private home at 506 Crestview Drive, Ojai, every Sunday from 10:00 to 10:45, followed by sharing and free discussion. Call Holly Anderson, 805-610-0169, for further information.

Seek for the Light

There's a deep ocean of darkness
But the Light flows over all . . . (Repeat)
Seek for the Light in every being,
Seek the Light within—
There's a deep ocean of darkness
But the light shines through the darkness
For the Light flows over all,
Oceanic over all.

Let us mind what is eternal,
That which gathers us to God . . . (Repeat)
Then we can see that we are written
In each other's heart—
Let us mind what is eternal,
Yield ourselves to the eternal,
That which gathers us to God,
Hearts together in to God.

Beat the swords all into plowshares
Until Friendship green the world . . . (repeat)
Live in the peace that passes knowledge
That precludes all wars—
Beat the guns all into plowshares
Tend the Seed after the plowshares
Until Friendship green the world,
Green and bloom through all the world!

—Faith L. Bowman

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